If you have any comments on the project, or the software, please let us know. (Mailing list coming soon)


Initial development of the Animatics Compositor Suite took place at the Center for Music Technology (CMT), Glasgow University. You can get in contact at

Reporting Bugs

All components of the Animatics Compositor Suite are in development, there are still bugs in the system. Some of these are known issues that we simply have not had time to correct, or fully implement yet, others are just plain old bugs. As the code base matures, and various parts of the system are completed, many of these issues should simply go away.

If you find a bug, or something bad/weird/unexpected happens for you, please dont be afraid to let us know.

As we release our initial versions, we hope to begin using a publically accessible bug tracking system to allow users to report and track the status of bugs. Until then, a bug list, or TODO file will be included within the various component distributions, it may explain why something doesn't currently work.