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AniPlay is developed and tested mainly under Linux, however as it is completely written in Java, it will run on any platform that supports a java virtual machine. So, regardless of whether you are running MacOS X, *nix or even Microsoft Windows, simply download the binary package and run without the need to recompile.

AniPlay requires a few supporting libraries.

AniPlay Requirements
Requirement Reason
Java Virtual Machine Provides the core Java Runtime for Java Applications
Jave Media Framework
(see below)
Provides the media framework for audio playback
Batik Provides an SVG toolkit to render SVG Images

Java Media Framework (JMF)

The JMF is required ti run AniPlay. It is available as separate downloads for your specific platform, or as a cross platform, all java imnplementation. AniPlay has been developed using the cross platform version of the Java Media Framework, although the user may prefer to use the performance pack associated with their system.


Ogg Vorbis

The JMF provides playback for a selection of audio formats, however, recently MP3 support was withdrawn due to licensing issues. MP3 support still exists within the Microsoft Windows performace pack, but not within the Linux or cross platform release. The JMF is however, a framework so support for other formats can be added as plugins. One such plugina is J-Ogg (http://www.j-ogg.de/) which provides the JMF with support for Ogg Vorbis.