What is AniPlay?

AniPlay is the client side viewer of the Animatic Compositor.

Aniplay Screenshot AniPlay allows an Animatic author to present a completed, or in development Animatic over the web to relevant interested parties. That is, to provide a project funding body, a potential investor, or a remote co-author a pre-visulization of a completed work.

AniPlay currently supports the rendering of raster images, and has basic support for rendering static SVG images.


AniPlay is intended as an extensible player for Animatics created by the Animatic Compositor, AniComp. But why limit the the player to one format? By extending the reader interface, other file formats could also be read, for example SMIL

We have so far concentrated on creating the animatic playback engine to synchronize audio and visual to the end user. This Animatic Playback engine provides a framework for various visual objects and animation effects to be placed upon the Animatic timeline. This allows future visual types, animation effects, and frame transition to be added and correctly synchronizedto the Animatic soundtrack.

Platform Independance

AniPlay is written completely in Java so it will run on any platform that supports a java virtual machine (MacOS X, *nix, Microsoft Windows). Simply download and run.