AniComp is a work-in-progress and as such there are many parts that still require completion and improvement throughout the system.

While I'd welcome users to download and take a look, AniComp is still 'pre-alpha', incomplete and currently not ready for use.

The tarballs currently available within the downloads section, represent a 'snapshot' of the work produced during the initial Proof of Concept. My aim is to now stabalise this codebase and get an initial 'slideshow' release ready.

Code Reorganisation

Currently only the 'snapshot' tarballs are available. As some of this code is relatively old, I intend to do some reorganisation of the source tree. CVS does not handle file renaming and moving particularly well, so while the entire source tree is maintained elsewhere, I intend to complete this reorganisation before uploading to CVS on

Future/Planned Work

Scene Graph

The current, simplistic lists of events need extended. Currently simply layering is possible by adding one Image Frame ontop of another. This is a rather simplistic view, and needs extending to use a graph of items within a scene.

Preview Window

AniComp currently has a simple, static preview window to display the current state of the Animatic. This prewiew window currently does not handle animation effects applied to frames of the Animatic.

The timing engine used within the Preview window also requires updating to make use of new features added to the underlying audio server being used, Jack, during a visit of its primary author to the CMT.

Cut Paste & Undo

Currently items can be added and arranged as required upon the timeline, however there is no facility to cut items from a specific point in the timeline and paste them back at another. An extended clipboard paradign is the obvious required component. This component will allow items to be cut, but rather than replace the contents of the clipboard, they are added to the existing contents, much like a scrap page for temporary timeline objects.

SVG Support

Part of the Animatics project was to convert hand drawn soryboards into Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). Although this component will not be released at this time, it is still intended that AniComp support SVG.


Various other bits and pieces to be done.

  • Add user friendly time option
  • Implement playback notification within the data view
  • One-click insert onto the timeline
  • Include support for additional image repositories, XMLDB for SVG, for example.
  • ... bug fixes :-)