AniComp is currently being developed and tested under Linux, however, thats not to say that it will not run on other operating systems too. In fact, all attempts have been made to keep AniComp as platform independant as possible. As AniComp has been written purely in ISO standard C++, without the use of non-standard, vendor specific extensions, AniComp may be ported to any platform that provides an ISO standard C++ compiler.

AniComp requires a number of supporting libraries.

AniComp Requirements
Requirement Reason
Gtkmm Gtkmm provides the widget set used to construct the User Interface
Jack Jack is used for audio and audio-visual synchronization
Libxml++ Libxml++ provides the XML handling for session and datafile handling
cutil A collection of small utilities used within AniComp


Although not required to run AniComp, the follwing are highly recommended.


Ardour is an open source Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) which provides the audio data and visual timeline for AniComp. Although not required to run AniComp, it makes working a whole lot easier.

Ardour provides AniComp with the following

Ardour is available from