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The AniComp ToolBox provides the tools and dialogs for adding and manipulating items upon the Animatic time line.

The ToolBox aims to provide a common location for a set of tool buttons for performaing various actions. Where appropriate, the ToolBox will also display an additions properties panel for required detail, or extra configuration.

MenuBar Screen Shot

The ToolBox provides simple tool dialogs for creating new Animatic data objects, such as Image Tracks, Effect Tracks, Scene, Image Frames and various additional markup of Image Frames, camera pans, transitions etc. The ToolBox also provides a set of simple time options buttons to snap and stretch time line items quickly and easily with a single click, for example. to stretch the duration of a particular frame to the start of the next, etc.

Many tool panels support Drag-and-Drop, allowing Image Frame to be dragged directly from the Image Browser for easy insertion into the animatic timeline.