the MenuBar

MenuBar Screen Shot

The AniComp MenuBar provides top-level control over the application, allowing the loading and saving of an Animatic session, and access to other tools/windows such as user options and the Image Repository Manager

new Animatic Dialog

New Animatic Dialog Screen Shot

Using the MenuBar, you can create a new Animatic in a few minutes through the New Animatic Dialog. First, create a new Animatic session, entering a title and description. Then use either a pre-prepared Ardour audio session, or simply create a new one for the base of the soundtrack.

The New Animatic Dialog also allows intial tracks to be added quickly and eeasily. Add the base Image Track either now, or later. You can also add effect tracks at this point too. Currently two types of effect tracks a resupported, View Frame Motion Tracks, and Transition Tracks.

Effect Tracks

New Animatic Dialog Screen Shot

View Frame Motion Tracks allow the addition of View Frame, of camera motion over the current frame. This is suitable for all view frame, or camera type motion effects such as camera pans, zooms and also effects such as a camera shake, after an explosive scene, for instance.

Transition Tracks allow for transition effects to be arranged between Image Frame.

The Compositor Suite does not limit you in your use of these tracks. An animator may decide to keep all camera pans on one View Frame Motion track, while all zooms are on another. An Track may also be used to keep separate a seelction of effects which an animatic has not made a final decision about, which may. at a later date be removed completly, or integrated onto another track.