Image Browser

Image Browser Screen Shot The AniComp Image Browser allows various collection of images to be browsed for inclusion into the current Animatic. The browser allows you to select a repository, and navigate through collections within that repository, displaying small thumbnails of the frames.

Image Browser Screen Shot Frames can be selected, and Drag-and-Dropped from the browser to various other parts of the application, for example, the image frame insert panel for addition to the current Aniamtc. Currently it is not possible to drag frames directly into the timeline, (some initial setup is required for frame duration, frame id, etc.) although this is a planned feature. However, multiple images can be quickly added as a scene, then arranged via drag-and-drop visually upon the timeline.

Image Repositories

Image Repository Manager Screen Shot AniComp uses the concept of an Image Repository, an abstract database of images. Images contained within various repositories may be combined into an Animatic. This framework allows various types of Repository to be created, for example, one repository may be file system based, while another is an XML database, or a web server repository.

A repository has a defined root collection at the top level of the repository, and a particular repository implementation may have multiple levels of sub collection. This allows Image Frames to be grouped into collections within a repository, for example, all frames for a particular Animatic may be stored within a single repository, or grouped and sub-divided within a collection of a larger repository.

Currently only file system repositories are supported, however, it is relatively easy to write handlers for future types of Repository. Is is also planned that the repository system will support a search feature, making it easy to locate the frame you are after.