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Once an Aniamtic is ready to be presented to the public, a collaborator, or a potential investor, the Animatic can be exported, suitable for playback within AniPlay, the Animatic client Player. If multiple timelines are being developed, one, or a combination of the Image Tracks may be exported. The soundtrack may also be mixed and exported allowing the Animatic to be previewed, potentially from a remote location, without the need for the authoring tools.

The Image Tracks to be exported may be selected, for instance if multiple alternate timelines are in development, any combination may be exported.

The Platform independant nature of AniPlay means that an exported Animatic can be viewed on a variety of platforms, quickly and easily, and, more importantly, over the web. This means that an animator constructing an Animatic at one site can present the Animatic to a potential investor based at another, with a few mouse clicks.

Currently only local filesystem exporting is supported, however, with little modification, the completed Animatic could be exported to a remote web, or dedicated Animatic server, or added to a database of available Aniamtics.