Data View

MenuBar Screen Shot AniComp supports a concept of Data View, simply, this is a view of the Animatic. We have implemented one such view, a data tree view (although strictly speaking, the audio engine representation is also a data view).

The Data Tree view provides numerical and hierarchical view of the current Animatic.. This view allows an author to see a structured view of the Animatic showing which transitions are applied to which frames. An Author may collapse, or expand different brached within the tree depending upon the area that needs work. Timing information can be set directly to define when and how long an item is on screen. This may be more convenient, if for eaxmple, an animator knows a series of frames are onscreen for a defined period of time, or are at a specific time into the Animatic.

MenuBar Screen Shot MenuBar Screen Shot A second Component, the Data Detail Window provides more extensive detail of the currently selected item within the Data Tree View. This provides complete control over the selected item, beit an Image Frame, Transition, Scene of Track. MenuBar Screen Shot

The Data Tree system provides a flexible framework for future views to be created. This means that future data views such as a speadsheet view could be implemented, and integrated into the system with minimal effort. Different views represent, and allow modification to, the same Animatic data, just in a slightly different ways.