Audio Engine

Ardour Screen Shot Ardour Screen Shot Ardour Screen Shot

The Audio Engine of the Animatics Compositor is provided by Ardour, an Open Source Digital Audio Workstation. Ardour provides the Animatics suite with professional strength audio recording capabilities, limited only by the available audio hardware. Ardour allows the recording of multiple audio tracks, simaltaneously, and at any sample rate your audio hardware will support, 44100, 48000, 96000KHz.

We have worked closely with the primary author of Ardour to add Image based tracks onto the Ardour timeline. This allows image thumbnails of Aniamtic Frames to be included, and arranged quickly and easily upon the Ardour timeline. Simply Drag-and-Drop images around upon the timeline to compose the Animatic.

Ardour also brings the full power of the open source audio community with it. LADSPA plugins can be used to provide various audio effects, reverb, delays, filters etc. JAMin may be used to master the audio. All of this is made possible by the open source community through the integration of the underlying audio server, Jack.

Visit the Ardour website for further information on the features Ardour provides.