Image Repositories

Image Repositories within AniComp represent a means to organise a collections of images that will be used to construct an animatic.

An image Repository is composed of a number of Collections, where each Collection may hold many Sub Collections and images. Each Repository has a single top level Collection, known as the Root Collection. Within AniComp, you can add many Image Repositories, each containing many Collections, containing many Images. This provides a reasonably simple, and flexible method of storing image data.

For example, you may choose to store all images within a single. giant Collection, or divide up images based upon their content/size/sequence etc. You could also choose to keep all Images for a particular project within a separate Repository.

AniComp currently supports only a filesystem based repository, however AniComp provides an abstraction layer meaning it would be relatively easy to write a new type of Image Repository Handler to handle images contained elsewhere, and plug-it into place, for example, to handle data within a database, or on a remote machine.

Adding an Image Repositories

Menus within AniComp are still under construction. Item positions are likely to change in the near future.

Image Repositories are added via the Image Repository Manager, accessable through the Tools menu on the MenuBar. The Repositories Manager lists all repositories that are available within AniComp.

repository manager dialog

A new Repository is added using the new repository dialog, displayed by clicking the Add button.

The repositoty type selector indicates the type of the new respository. Currently, only the File System type is supported. Depensing on the type of repository selected, different options may be required to specify the location and access requirements for the repository.

For the File System type repository, we need the path to the repository, and the root collection within the repository. With Use Last Path Segment checked, the last component of the path will be used as the root collection of the repository.

add image repository dialog

Once an Image Repository has been added to AniComp, it can be browsed with the ImageBrowser.